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Are You Watching and Praying or Sleeping and Resting?

In his latest message titled "Are Watching and Praying or Sleeping and Slumbering," Pastor Alan Young reminds us of the importance of being vigilant and ready for whatever comes our way. Drawing on scripture from 1 Peter 1:3-12 and Psalm 31:24, Pastor Young challenges us to examine our lives and consider whether we are truly watching and praying or whether we have fallen into a state of spiritual slumber. Here are three points to help you put this message into action:

  1. Stay alert When we face troubling situations in our lives, it's easy to become overwhelmed and feel like we're in over our heads. But as Christians, we are called to stay alert and be on guard duty. We must remain vigilant and watchful, always ready for whatever may come our way.

  2. Seek God's strength In times of trouble, we must also seek God's strength and guidance. We cannot rely on our own strength alone, but must turn to God and ask for His help. Through prayer and seeking God's wisdom, we can find the strength we need to face whatever challenges come our way.

  3. Trust in God's plan. Finally, we must trust in God's plan for our lives, even when we don't understand it. We may not always see the bigger picture or understand why certain things happen, but we can trust that God has a purpose and a plan for everything. By putting our faith in Him and trusting in His plan, we can find peace and comfort even in the midst of difficult circumstances.

In conclusion, Pastor Alan Young's message reminds us of the importance of staying alert and ready for whatever comes our way. By seeking God's strength and trusting in His plan, we can find the courage and resilience we need to face any challenge. Let us commit to watching and praying, rather than sleeping and slumbering, and trust in God's unfailing love and guidance for our lives.

🌟Be sure to listen to the entire message and study the whole chapter of the reference scriptures in your spare time.

📖 Reference Scriptures for your study this week:

🌟Matthew 26:40-41

🌟1 Thessalonians 5:6-8


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