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Having Courageous Faith

In a powerful message titled "Having Courageous Faith," Pastor Alan Young challenges us to step into a realm of unwavering trust and boldness in our walk with God. Grounded in Hebrews 11:27-29 and Exodus 8, Pastor Alan urges us not to be afraid to hear God's voice, to summon the courage to follow through with His calling, and to trust that God will lead us when we wholeheartedly believe and act accordingly. Join us on this transformative journey as we explore the essence of courageous faith and its impact on our spiritual walk.

Here are three points from this message that you can meditate on this week:

Point 1: Fearless Listening to God's Voice
  • Pastor Alan emphasizes the significance of fearlessly listening to God's voice in our lives. Just as Moses was not afraid to hear God's call and to be a vessel for His divine purpose, we too must open our hearts to hear His guidance and direction. By overcoming fear and doubt, we position ourselves to receive God's messages and step into His plans with confidence.

Point 2: Courage to Follow Through
  • Drawing from the story of the Israelites in Exodus 8, Pastor Alan challenges us to muster the courage to follow through with God's instructions. The faith of Moses and the Israelites to act upon God's commands led to their liberation from bondage. Similarly, our willingness to obey God's leading and act in faith will pave the way for His mighty work in our lives.

Point 3: Trusting God's Leading
  • In Hebrews 11:27-29, we witness the Israelites' courageous faith as they followed God's guidance during the Exodus. Pastor Alan reminds us that when we trust God wholeheartedly, we can confidently step into the unknown, knowing that He is leading us toward His promises. Our faith-driven actions align us with His divine plans and purpose.

Point 4: Overcoming Obstacles with Courageous Faith
  • Throughout the Exodus story, the Israelites encountered various obstacles, yet their courageous faith enabled them to overcome every challenge. Pastor Alan encourages us to adopt the same faith-driven attitude when facing obstacles in our lives. By trusting in God's faithfulness and power, we can boldly conquer any hindrance that comes our way.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Pastor Alan Young's message on "Having Courageous Faith" ignites a passion within us to walk boldly in God's purpose for our lives. As we fearlessly listen to His voice, summon the courage to follow through with His calling, and trust in His leading, we will witness the manifestation of His miraculous work in and through us. Let us embark on this transformative journey of embracing courageous faith as we step into the fullness of God's plans and experience the wonders of His divine guidance.

🌟Be sure to listen to the entire message and study the whole chapter of the reference scriptures in your spare time.

Scriptures for your personal study this week:

  • Hebrews 11:27-29 Amplified Bible

(Read the whole chapter)

  • Exodus 8 Amplified Bible

(Read the whole chapter)

We'll look forward to having you join us in service next week - God Bless You!


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