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Stay Focused

Today Pastor Young used the story of Peter breaking his focus when walking on water as a focal point for his message (see reference scripture below).

As we are walking through life, we have to know that God has got our backs while using faith as a tool to help us rise above the trouble of our storms. But in order to allow God to work through our situations, we have to learn how to stay focused.

It's important that we don't allow the blur and distractions all around us, to take us off track. We must put on our bifocals of faith and continue believing God to guide us through the tasks at hand.

When we trust God, we can be lifted up and given the power to proceed safely through any and every trial that we may face. But if our trust is scattered and unfocused, we are scattering what God has given us to survive.

📖Here are 3 things to help you not sink and drown in the troubles of your life:

1. Ask God to increase your faith

2. When God gives you direction, focus solely on the promise and guidance that you've given.

3. Use the bifocals of your faith to stay focused, by surrounding yourself with believers, supportive messages, and music that encourages your faith.

🌟Be sure to listen to the entire message and study the full chapter of the reference scripture in your spare time.

📖 Reference Scriptures for your personal study this week:

🌟 Matthew 14:22-33

(Amplified Version)


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